Palm Trees

At Williams Plant Nursery, we keep a wide variety of palm trees in stock. Our palm trees come in many sizes ranging from small starter palms to large field grown palms. We offer delivery for your convenience. For field grown palms, we do require that the purchaser have their own unloading equipment on site.

Below is a list of Palms that are typically in stock at Williams Plant Nursery. Availability is subject to change, so, please call for specific inquiries.

Palm Trees Sizes Available
Chinese Fan Palm 3g, 7g, 15g
European Fan Palm 7g, 15g, 30g
Pindo Palm 15g, 30g
Queen Palm 15g, 30g
Roebelenii Palm 7g, 15g, 30g
Sable Palm Field Grown
Sago Palm 7g, 15g
Washingtonia Palm 15g, 30g
Windmill Palms 7g, 15g, 30g