Citrus Trees

Williams Plant Nursery carries a wide variety of citrus trees.

We pride ourselves in stocking only the best citrus products available, provided by the most reputable citrus growers in the state of Florida. This ensures that each customer receives a top quality citrus tree grown on a proven root stock.

Below is a list of Citrus Trees that are typically in stock at Williams Plant Nursery. Availability is subject to change, so, please call for specific inquiries.

Citrus Trees Sizes Available
Calamondin 10g, 30g
Grapefruit, Ruby Red 10g, 30g
Lemon, Meyer 10g, 30g
Lime, Key 10g, 30g
Lime, Persian 10g, 30g
Orange, Navel 10g, 30g
Orange, Valencia 10g, 30g
Tangerine, Dancy 10g, 30g
Tangerine, Satsuma 10g, 30g
*Citrus Trees on hand can vary based on season and availability.

Citrus Tips

Planting Citrus Trees: Pick a spot with 50% or more sun on well drained soil or soil mix, preferably, where it will have protection in winter from cold north and west winds. Avoid septic tanks and drain lines. Clear away any weeds and grass. Have water available. Dig hole larger than the container. Remove tree from container. Shave away fiber roots from the sides of root ball. Place tree in hole, keeping top of root ball same level as the existing ground level, no deeper. Fill 1/2 full of water, then fill with remaining soil to ground level, pack soil to remove air pockets.

Fertilizing: Use a fertilizer specifically for citrus plants, fruit plants, or nut producing plants. These fertilizers have minor elements required for fruit producing plants. For the first 3 years fertilize from March 1st thru October 1st every 6 weeks to establish a larger, fuller canopy. For older mature trees, fertilize 3 times per year. Spread evenly underneath canopy and outside canopy.

Pests & Disorders: There are few pests that effect citrus. Most of which can be controlled with oil sprays. If problems occur do not hesitate to contact your local extension agent for assistance